Dementia Care Path Series for Healthcare Practitioners Series I: Caregiver Support and Education

This course is designed to help practitioners understand the role of the family or community caregiver. Caregiver stress and burnout impact not only the patient’s health and well-being, but also the health and well-being of the caregiver. Learn common coping strategies to guide caregivers through the caregiving journey as well as provide them strategies for grief management.

Dementia Care Path for Healthcare Practitioners Series I: ADRD Research

This course is designed to keep practitioners abreast of advances in the field of ADRD research. This course describes the current research initiatives taking place in field of neurodegenerative diseases, specifically Alzheimer disease. We will cover the importance of clinical trials, available clinical trials and the benefits of participation in clinical trials as it relates to finding therapeutic treatment modalities for the advancement of science in ADRD.

Series II: Care Management: Evidence based Management of Behaviors

This course is designed to review the care management strategies of patients living with dementia from a nursing perspective. We will review behavioral management and communication strategies as well as environmental factors that may contribute to behavioral challenges. Pharmacological approaches will also be discussed.

Series II: Care Management: Managing Basic ADLs

This course is designed to help practitioners implement strategies to keep patients living as independently as possible by learning techniques to help manage neurodegenerative conditions. We will review techniques involved with managing anorexia and dysphagia as well as address swallowing concerns, bathing and hygiene and resistance to assistance.

Series III: Advance Care Planning – The Role of Medical Professionals

This course is designed to help practitioners understand their role in advance care planning. We will review available resources for end of life wishes, discuss strategies to help patients and loved ones reflect on their priorities and guide patients and family members through communicating their wishes and putting their wishes in writing. This course will also discuss resources for patients and payor support of ACP.

Series IV: Capacity and Competency – The Role of the Physician

This course will review the definitions and differences between capacity and competency, appropriate documentation of capacity and competency and certain considerations should a patient lack capacity. This course will review capacity in Alzheimer disease and related dementias.

Series IV: Capacity and Competency – Dementia and Safety

This course will review the topic of dementia and driving, discuss considerations to retire driving activities, strategies to discuss driving with patients and caregivers, as well as review other safety issues such as medication management, being home alone, and cooking. Community resources to help with these discussions will also be reviewed.

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