Welcome Health Profession Students!

Whether you’ve chosen a career in nursing, social work, physical or occupational therapy, it is likely you will encounter a patient living with dementia in the health care setting.  Our E-learning courses are designed to provide future healthcare professionals with knowledge and strategies to provide the best possible care for patients living with dementia and their caregivers within your respective career fields of study.

INTRODUCTORY COURSES:  Beginner courses are designed for students pursuing a career in the healthcare field that would like to gain a basic understanding of brain health and dementia.  Beginner courses are typically helpful for students with little to no experience or coursework in the field of neuroscience or dementia.

INTERMEDIATE COURSES: Intermediate courses are designed for students who want apply more specialized knowledge of dementia into their coursework and who may seek specialized degrees in the field geriatrics and will provide care to the older adult population.

ADVANCED COURSES:  Advanced courses are designed for students who plan to further their career in neurodegenerative disease.  Advanced courses are highly specialized in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  These courses provide and in-depth understanding of diagnosis, treatment and management of ADRD and are perfect for future direct-care providers.

It is recommended that you take each course in sequence, however, it is not required.