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Navigating the Dementia Journey Notebook

Living with dementia is a journey. 

This notebook was created as part of Nevada’s Dementia Friendly mission to recognize and support individuals living with dementia and their carepartners.  It is designed to help you navigate your journey with dementia with the understanding that no two journeys are the same.

To help you create your personal road map, we have filled the notebook with information about community resources, words of wisdom from those who have lived the journey, and links to resources for more indepth information. CLICK CC RESOURCE NOTEBOOK BELOW TO VIEW. 

CC Resource Notebook  

Healthcare Professionals

Dementia Friendly Nevada

In 2016, the Administration for Community Living awarded Nevada’s Aging and Disabilities Services Division a federal grant to fund the Dementia Friendly Nevada initiative. In an effort to engage in truly grassroots change, the Dementia Friendly Nevada concept was subdivided into six Community Groups across our great state of Nevada.

Each Community Group shares an umbrella mission of building communities that are respectful, educated, supportive, and inclusive of people living with dementia and their care partners.   

Check out more about how to get involved in this effort and learn about additional resources available through this initiative


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Nevada Caregiver Toolbox

We want to empower our caregivers.  Below is a directory of the foundational Nevada services available for building and sustaining a healthy, happy life. CLICK THE LINK BELOW ENTITLED NV DEMENTIA SUPPORT TOOLBOX TO VIEW.



Healthcare Professionals

Nevada Caregivers Coalition

The Nevada Caregivers Coalition is dedicated to honoring caregivers and providing them with information, resources and support.  Learn more about the Coalition and the resources they provide.  



Nevada Interprofessional Healthy Aging Network

NIHAN is part of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine whose goal is to strengthen geriatrics within primary care in Nevada’s aging communities by developing a strong, high quality healthcare workforce to harness patient and family engagement to improve health in older adults. 

Check out some of the resources available through NIHAN that include educational tip sheets for optimizing mobility, managing medication, brain health education, prioritizing what matters most to you in your personal health journey.  Online education modules are also available on their website. 


Healthcare Professionals

Alzheimer’s Association of Northern and Southern Nevada

Recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? ALZ provides invaluable information on what to expect, future planning and self care.

Check out their website for resources and tools. 



Medical student, resident and fellow training

The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health offers various types education and training for interns, residents and fellows interested in the field of neuro-psychiatry.

Patient and Caregiver Education

Education is key when diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease.  Access free live and on-demand caregiver and community education and resources.